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Tips and Tricks on Winning Dragon City

Dragon City is an outstanding game comprising of magical cities and fierce dragons. It is captivating gets one involved in breeding dragons, discovering new species of dragons and hatching eggs while also battling other players. However, moving in a faster pace requires employment of certain strategies so as to generate Food, Gems and Gold. Players are the official caretakers of the floating dragon. It contains over 100 different dragons that a player is required to manage. This interesting game features a user friendly interface and is also free from viruses. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices as well as other browsers. This brief overview looks into how to get unlimited Food, Gold and Gems without necessarily spending money in dragon city cheats.

Tips and Tricks on Winning Dragon City hacks

· First, familiarize yourself with Elemental Dragons. Elemental dragons include Sea, Terra, Ice, Flame, War, Dark, Electric, Light, Nature, Legend and Pure dragons. First, focus on getting rare dragons such as Soccer Dragon and Cool Fire. This gives a player an opportunity to breed other types of dragons known as Legendary and in the future Pure dragons. · Different Types of Dragons aside from Elemental Dragons. You can use other type of dragons such as hybrid dragons, rare hybrid, legend and exclusive dragons,
· Set Lower Times for Food if You Have Lower amounts of Gold

· Harvesting food to feed the dragons requires a lot of time as well as a huge amount of gold currency. Whenever you spend a lot of time harvesting grub you are charged more money. It is important to select foods that require less time to harvest. You can choose foods such as hot dragon chilli and dragon ball to avoid stretching you budget. When you have more money, you can shop for star shines and spike balls.

· The Basics lessons regarding Habitat System- A player can simply place their dragons in different habitats so that they can start to earn more gold per minute. These habitats each focus on unique elements that can be used to generate varying amounts of gold. You can strategically place the elemental dragons with same elemental crystals to earn at least 20-percent more gold each minute. Different habitats have different advantages and disadvantages. Terra habitat has lower amounts of gold cap 500. Terra dragon contains high gold and the mid earned. Sea habitat contains high amounts of gold cap 7500 while the sea dragon has lower gold and minimum potential. A player should breed the dragons together to get waterfall dragon or the mud dragon to survive in the sea habitat.

· Dragon Transformations- There are different stages involved in evolving dragons ranging from Egg and Baby to Teen and Adult.

· To earn more gold you will be required to put more dragons in a certain habitat. This can be achieved by feeding the babies food.

· To get more food you are required to build more farms. You can use your gold to get more food by employing the 30 second dragon bell.

· To build your experience level buy more farms and sell them.

Transformice let the game begin


Transformice is a captivating game that is mainly concerned with randomly collecting cheese around a map. There are certain set of keys that enable the mouse to perform a number of techniques, ranging from wall and corner jumping, as well as duck, run or jump. These are the arrow keys and the numeric keypad (WASD) keys. The essence of the game is basically to collect a good number of cheese by touching them, then to take the collected cheese to the mouse hole so as to ascertain completion. The maps, however, have a varying number of cheese and mouse holes. For those who are able to complete the game first, second or third, bonus points are awarded.

How it works

With a special array of features, the transformice hack is able to generate a good number of cheese and fraises that boost the player’s points. In addition to this, the transformice hack has been upgraded into an online generator that enables safe and undetectable use. The built in proxy is an additional feature that makes it highly efficient for safe use.

Most transformice cheats these days are limited in terms of legitimacy and regular updates, thus making the transformice hack gain the upper hand. What’s more, this unique transformice generator is available on the web at absolutely no cost at all! For all these amazing features, it comes with absolutely no price.

Features Of The Transformice Hack

  1. Interface that is completely user friendly
  2. It is able to generate unlimited cheese and fraises
  3. No download is required as it is easily available online
  4. Completely safe and hardly detectable

Directions For Completing The Transformice

Step 1: In the box at the top of the screen, type in your username

Step 2: Click ‘log’ in after selecting the ‘IP Proxy’ option from the list. Key in your password so as to let the Transformice Hack gain access to your account.

Step 3: On successful entry into your account, the tool will ask you to type the amount of fraises and cheese you would want to add. The transformice hack gives you access to additional abilities such as to teleport, to fly and gain enry to god mode.

Step 4: Click the generate option to enable a clear reflection of the resources to your account.

Step 5: Sure enough, on logging into your account, the cheese and fraises clearly appear in your inventory. Let the games begin!

Important Points To Note:

  • It -It is essential for you to first install the hack tool onto your pc for you to use it. This will enable the hack to provide safe use and non-detection.
  • If -If you cannot locate the download link for the tool, either the hack tool is in the process of maintenance to ascertain the need for any updates to be made, or the hacker is not available in your country. The hack is not available to those from an unsupported country.

Note however, this tool is solely intended for the purpose of gaining additional knowledge in the game and not for cheating or hacking.


Are you looking for Tanki online cheats? Do you know that there are hacks for almost all games? One of the places where you can get Tanki online cheats s is YouTube. Just like any other game powered by crystals the demand for a crystal generator is very high because you need crystals to upgrade your tanks so that you can acquire more powerful weapons. Tanks enable you to reach your optimal performance in the game.

While playing the game, you will come across different gaming modes as you make efforts to conquer Tanki. One of the games mode is “Capture the Flag” that requires you to access the target flag and then capture it before your opponent makes a definitive move. The other gaming feature is Death Match where you have to player against all your opponents. The game does not allow for team ups and each of the players has to do all he or she can to destroy the other participants. The places you randomly with your opponents and makes you bound to one another. During the game, you must coordinate properly in order to destroy each of the teams out there. Furthermore, the game has Control points Saga where you have to find particular strategic locations on the grid and then maintain your control over them before you emerge as the final winner. Fortunately, you can use Tanki online  to build up your arsenals.

The online game has become very popular among players in different parts of the globe. The adventured game mainly involves attacking your opponents, formation of alliances and designing the most powerful tanks as you can. In simple words, it is combat game that involves shooting skills. In addition, it involves progress whereby you need to acquire more crystal either through game play or purchase in order to improve your units over time.

One of the amazing hacks that have nothing to do with crystals is rank hack. The hack offers you with a cheat that will help you to improve your ranking without earning going through different levels. You can download, install and run it from This Tanki online cheats and are not only designed for experienced players because even the beginners can benefit from them greatly. With these cheats and hacks, a newbie can learn the game as well as try to develop their skills on the different platforms of the game. It is not easy to grow when your tank keeps blowing into pieces every now and then by your stronger opponents. The hacks and cheats will help you level the field slight for both the novices as well as experts of the game. The Tanki online cheats are easily accessible and ready to save you the trouble throughout the game.

In conclusion, the best way to learn Tanki online is using hacks and cheats. These tools will help you to acquire more weapons needed in the game as you develop your skills. You can get them on YouTube among other places to enjoy the game.